Naubahar-i-Murshid Quli Khani

Naubahar-i-Murshid Quli Khani was written by a Persian scholar named Azad al-Husaini who, in lieu of a literary pension, presented it in 1729 to Mirza Lutfullah, the naib-nazim (deputy subahdar) of Dhaka and son-in-law of shujauddin muhammad khan. Mirza Lutfullah is better known in history as murshid quli khan ii and hence the title of the book. After alivardi khan's capture of power, Murshid Quli Khan II took refuge at the court of the Nizam of Haidarabad. The book somehow entered into the Poona house from which the government of Bombay purchased it in 1949 along with other important manuscripts.

Naubahar-i-Murshid Quli Khani is a small book containing good counsels, anecdotes and praises of Murshied Quli Khan II, the patron of the author. There is an anecdote regarding mir jumla's justice, some about the benevolent and welfare activities of Prince Muhammad Azam (son of aurangzeb), and good deeds of Murshid Quli Khan II himself. But the book is very important for its detailed account of the conquest of Tippera. In this book there is a new information (not available elsewhere) about the conquest of the district of Mirzapur, in the western border of Tippera, by shah shuja (1639-1660). Azad al Husaini, a contempoaryr, has narrated the conquest of the fort of Udaipur by Murshid Quli Khan II through his deputy Mir Habib (1729 AD) and later historians have accepted it. [Abdul Karim]