Neutron Radiography

Neutron Radiography a process of making a picture of the internal details of an object by absorption of neutron beam by the same object. It is complementary to other non-destructive testing techniques like X-ray and gamma radiography. The Neutron Radiography (NR) facility of bangladesh atomic energy commission (BAEC) was established in 1988 at the tangential beamport of the 3 MW TRIGA MK-II research reactor. This facility is an excellent one for NR experiment. Present research programmes of BAEC using NR include the study of absorption of water in various building materials like bricks and concrete, to improve the quality of building materials using water resistant additives; to understand the quality of different types of leather, rubber and ceramics; detection of corrosion in aluminium structure, to find out internal defects and void in aluminium welding; study of absorption of water in wood plastic composites. [MM Ahsan]