Nuruddin, Syed

Nuruddin, Syed (18th century) a religious poet, born in Mirzapur, chittagong, son of Ataullah. His ancestor, Sayed Hassan, migrated from Gauda to Chittagong in the 16th century.

Sayed Nuruddin composed four poems, all inspired by the desire to preach the ideals and morals of Islam: Dakayekul Hekayek, Rahatul Kulb, Burhanul Arefin, and Muser Saual. Dakayekul Hekayek, the longest of these poems, is a free translation of Al Ghazzali's Arabic text. It consists of 22 chapters on the angels Azrail and Israfil, death, punishment in the grave, the winding-sheet, charity, etc. Rahatul Kulb is based on topics selected from the holy quran and hadith. Burhanul Arefin is a poem on Sufism. [Wakil Ahmed]