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Armed Forces War College

Armed Forces War College (AFWC) an institute established in January 2001 as a wing of the National Defence College at Mirpur in Dhaka to conduct specialised military courses for selected officers of the armed forces. The commandant of the National Defence College, an army officer of the rank of major general, is also the head of the AFWC. Its activities are guided by a chief instructor of the rank of a brigadier general who is assisted by four directing staffs of the rank of brigadier/ colonel or equivalent from the three services. All training support and coordination affairs are looked after by GSO-1 (Training) while administrative matters are looked after by GSO-1 (Administration). Both these officers are of the rank of lieutenant colonel from the army and report directly to the commandant.

Research constitutes an important part of the AFWC course. The officers in the training course are required to do research work both at individual and group levels. Participants are expected to make original contributions on subjects of military, national and international interest, and especially on the national security of Bangladesh. All such research papers are preserved as classified documents. [Sheikh Aminur Rahman]