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Bari, SA

Bari, SA (1927-1987) politician. He was born in 1927 in Dinajpur. His father Mohammad Taimur was well versed in Bangla English Urdu Persian and Arabic literature. Bari joined politics right from his student life. He was involved in all the progressive movements since 1941. In 1942, he participated in the Quit India Movement. He became a member of the Civil Liberty League in 1951. He took part in the language movement of 1952 and was arrested for violating section 144. He became active in politics after almost one year of detention. SA Bari was elected vice president of DUCSU for the session 1953-54. He was again arrested in 1955 for his protest against the imposition of section 92-A. During this time he was involved in peasant movement. He was the founder secretary of the then East Pakistan Students Union, convenor of South-East Asian Students Conference and a member of the International Students Union. He was the founder member of Jubo League launched in 1951.

S.A Bari started his career as a lawyer in Dinajpur bar. He was the general secretary of Bar Council. He is the founder of Dinajpur Law College. Bari had vital role in the Anti-Ayub movement of 1962 and he was one of the organisers of mass upsurge of 1969. During this time he joined the politics of National Awami Party (NAP). He took part in the War of Liberation in 1971 and was in charge of the Dalimga camp of Mujib Bahini. He had vital role in relief works in the refugee camps in India.

After liberation SA Bari was involved in NAP politics and was elected as general secretary of the party in 1977. He was elected a member of the Jatiya Sangsad in 1979 as a nominee of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. He was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Manpower and Social Welfare in the cabinet of President Ziaur Rahman. He died on 3 March 1987. [Abu Md. Delwar Hossain]