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Basu, Sunirmal

Basu, Sunirmal (1902-1957) poet and writer of children's books, was born in Vikrampur, Dhaka. After matriculating from Patna, where his father worked, he was admitted to Saint Paul's College, Kolkata. However, he did not completed his studies and joined the non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi (1921).

From childhood, he was fond of writing poetry and painting. He also studied for some time at the Art College of abanindranath tagore. His first poem was published in prabasi. He wrote poems, stories, novels, and plays for children. Some of his books are Haoyar-Dola, (1927), Chhanabada, Bede Maja, Hai Chai, Hulusthul, Kathashekha, Pat-tadi, Chhander Tung-Tang (1930), Ananda Nadu, Shahure Mama, Kipte Thakurda (1933), Tuntunir Gan, Gujaber Janma, Bir Shikari, Lalon Fakirer Bhite, Patabahar, Intibintir Asar (1950), Pahade-Jangale etc. He was the editor of the children's fortnightly magazine The Kishore Asia. In recognition of his literary works, he was awarded the Bhubaneshwari Medal in 1956. [Sushanta Sarker]