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Begavati River

Begavati River an offshoot of the river Mathabhanga. The river originates near Chuadanga town and after flowing over Bishoykhali it falls into Bhaduri Beel, 16 km south of Jhenaidaha town. Flowing further to the east, it receives the Alamkhali coming from the nabaganga and then meets with the chitra near shalikha after being renamed as the Phatki from Arpara. Part of the river from its source to jhenaidaha has dried up. The total length of the Begavati is 72 km; 40 km from Chuadanga to Alamkhali, 12 km from Alamkhali to Arpara and 20 km from Arpara to Shalikha. The Begavati maintains a lot of meanders, but shows no erosional tendency. The average width of the river from Bhaduri Beel to Alamkhali is about 50m and from that point to Chitra it is about 90m. In the dry season the depth of the river between Alamkhali and Arpara is one metre and elsewhere it is 1.5m. The discharge is close to nil in the dry season. The river is tidal up to Arpara. Bishoykhali, Alamkhali, Arpara, Shalikha are some important places on the banks of the Begavati. [Tahmina Ahmed]