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Bijoy Ketan Museum

Bijoy Ketan Museum established in memory of the war of liberation, freedom fighters, and the heroes who got gallantry awards. The motto of the Bijoy Ketan Museum is: Honour the Past, Enlighten the Future. The main markers of the museum are: historical background to Bangladesh, the military prison where Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman remained confined during agartala conspiracy case. These have been named Hall of Fame. In addition, visitors can see exhibits like the original copy of the constitution of Bangladesh, the national flag, the map of Bangladesh, and the national anthem imprinted on metal-plate.

At the main gate of the Museum, there is a sculpture of the seven vigilant freedom fighters, one of whom is a woman holding a Bangladeshi flag. This particular sculpture is also called Bijoy Ketan. Bangabandhu Museum is virtually a part of Bijoy Ketan Museum, although it has a separate name and is situated a few yards to the north of the Hall of Fame. [Syed Mohd Saleh Uddin]