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Bismillahkhani A traditional family ritual organised on the occasion of commencement of educational life of a Muslim child. Traditionally, it takes place at the age of 4 years 4 months 4 days of a child.

Bismillahkhani Ceremony

During this ritual, arrangement is made for introducing the child to Arabic alphabets and Sipara or introductory books including Quaida with the objective of teaching the Holy Quran. The Imam of the local mosque or an eminent Islamic scholar conducts the programme. The child is made to sit before the Imam in clean attires in presence of the invited guests. The Imam then teaches the child Arabic alphabets after saying 'Bismillah'. At this time, the child is asked to write the word 'Allah' in his own hands. Later, the Imam reads from the prayer book and offers 'Munajat' for all, especially for the welfare of the child. After the conclusion of the programme, the invited relatives, friends and neighbours are served food in accordance with capacity. The guests invited to this programme present various gifts as a mark of blessing. [Rafiqul Islam Rafiq]