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Das, Subal

Das, Subal (1927-2005) composer, music director, was born on 27 December 1927 in Brahmanbaria. His father was Rashiklal Das and his mother was Kamini Das.

Subal Das's interest in music developed in family setting. He learnt to play sitar under Ustad Khadem Husain Khan and Ustad Ayet Ali Khan. He gained proficiency in both music and directing it. He achieved a great deal of name and fame in directing music, mainly for films. He was also connected with radio and television. Singers of radio and TV present innumerable songs composed by him.

In the sixties, Subal Das became famous by setting to tunes the song 'Tobey ki amar nei kono thai' (Is there then no place for me to live in) sung by Manabendra Mukhopaddhay in the film Akash aar Mati. He directed music for such films as Swaralipi, Darpachurna, Putrabadhu and Bhangagara and for modern songs.

Many singers earned popularity and fame by singing songs set to music by Subal Das. Runa Laila sang 'Ganer Khatay Swaralipi likhe ki Hobey', 'Jiban Andhare Peyechi Tomare', 'Ei Brishti Bheja Rate Chole Jeona', 'Shilpi Aami Tomader-i Gaan Shonabo', 'Jokhon Thambe Kolahol Ghume Nijhum Charidik', 'Jokhon Ami Thakbonako Amay Rekho Mone', and 'Pan Khaiya Thot Karilam Lal'. Mahmudunnabi sang 'Tumi je Amar Kobita/ Aamar Banshir Ragini', 'Aami Satsagar Pari Diye Jeno Soikotey Pore Aachi' and 'O Meyer Nam Debo ki Bhabi Shudhu Tai'. Sabina Yasmin sang 'Sondhay Chhaya Name Elomelo Hawa/ Bhalo Lage Jiboner ei Gaan Gawa', Abdul Hadi sang 'Ei Prithivir Panthashalay Gaite Gele Gaan', 'Chole Jay Jodi Kew Badhan Chire' and 'Tomader Shukher ei Neere Amake Khujona Bondhu', Abdul Jabbar sang 'Shotru Tumi Bondhu Tumi/Tumi Amar Shadhana', Abida Sultana sang 'Eki Badhone Bolo Jarale Amay'. All these songs were set to music by Subal Das. For musical excellence these songs became very popular for the films as well as with the general public. The credit for this popularity goes to composer Subal Das. He died on 16 August 2005. [Khalid Hasan Komol]