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Dinajpur Baptist Mission Church

Baptist Mission, Dinajpur

Dinajpur Baptist Mission Church William Carey (1761-1834) founded this church to carry out missionary activities in Dinajpur town in 1796 and appointed Fernandes, a Portuguese missionary, as its superintendent. Later (1799-1805), two vernacular boarding schools (one for boys and the other for girls) were established for the converted local students, under the supervision of the Church. Every Friday and Sunday there would be recitation from the holy Bible. After 1800 AD, Carey migrated to Sreerampur.

At present there are 10 local Baptist Church Sangha (committee) in Bangladesh. All Church Shangha had flourished with the patronage from Dinajpur Baptist Mission Church. The National Church Council at Dhaka runs the local churches in Bangladesh. Every church is under the jurisdiction of a local superintendent. This church founded by William Carey administers the Baptist Mission Church Shangha of present Dinajpur.  [Mohammad Moniruzzaman]