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Hossain, Syed Abul

Hossain, Syed Abul (1864-1930) homeopath physician and writer, was born at Babnam village in Hughli district, West Bengal. He studied initially at a village school and then, for two years, at calcutta madrasa. He then embarked on his travels, journeying through England, France and Germany and the United States of America. He received an MD in homeopathic medicine from Denver Medical College. In 1896 he returned to India via Japan and China. Settling down in Kolkata, he started medical practice.

Simultaneously, he devoted himself to literary pursuits. He established the Darbar Printing Press to publish mainly his own works. He wrote novels, history, religious books, children's literature, poetry, satirical poems, etc. Among his books are Yamaj Bhagini Kavya Ba Sirajuddaula Upanyas, (1905), Svargarohan Kavya (1906), Moslem Pataka (2 vols, 1908 and 1924), Jibanta Putul Kavya (1908), Engreji Shiksa Sopan (1912), Savitrir Satya Jiban (1923), Jvan Bhandar (1924), Bangla Maulud Sharif (1924), Spain Vijay (1925), Habshi Badshah (1925), Mishar Vijay.) etc. '

Syed Abul Hossain died in 1930. [Badiuzzaman]