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Lower Kumar River

Lower Kumar River the downstream of the kumar river. The course of the Kumar from Tekerhat in Rajoir to the confluence with the arial khan in Char Muguria is known as the Lower Kumar. In the past, this portion of the Kumar was called as the Upper Kumar. But after the completion of the madaripur beel route in the first decade of the twentieth century, most of the courses of the Upper Kumar became under this route. Later, the Tekerhat portion of the Upper Kumar was renamed as the Madaripur Beel Route. So, the Madaripur Beel Route can be treated as the present source of the Lower Kumar.

The river is navigable only in the rainy season and its upper part becomes dry in the lean period. But the course from Char Muguria to Mostafapur remains navigable almost throughout the year. The river shows little erosional tendency and remains calm during the flood period. The Lower Kumar is under tidal influence. The total length of the river is about 30 km.

The Rajoir upazila headquarter is located on the bank of the river. Tekerhat, Rajoir, Mostafapur, Char Muguria are some of the important places on the banks of the river. Tekerhat is a important commerce centre and river port. Milk processing factory of the Milk Vita Company is located at Tekerhat. Char Muguria is another important commerce centre. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

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