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Macpherson, Sir John

Macpherson, Sir John (1745-1821) interim Governor General of the fort william in Bengal from 8 February 1785 to 12 September 1786. In March 1767 John Macpherson sailed for India and joined the east india company's service in Madras as a writer. For his misconduct he was once dismissed in 1777, but reinstated later. He had a jobbing bent of mind, which he could use successfully in securing the coveted position of senior member of the Fort William Council in 1781.

warren hastings left Calcutta in February 1785 and thus he, as senior member on the council, was asked by the court of directors to act as the Governor General. He remained in his office until lord cornwallis came to join as the Governor General in September 1786. Macpherson's administration is characterised by inefficiencies, corruption and unrest in the army. Personally he was found to be dishonest and indifferent to administrative details. Cornwallis has described his drab administration as a 'system of the dirtiest jobbing'. It is said that his jobbing ability had earned him undeservedly a baronet in 1786. [Sirajul Islam]