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Mahseer name for two species (Tor tor and T. putitora) of freshwater carp of the family Cyprinidae, order Cypriniformes, inhabiting the hill streams or fast flowing rivers having sandy or rocky bottom. At present, T. tor is considered as one of the threatened species. T. putitora is an exotic species.


Mahseer grows up to one metre in length with a maximum recorded weight of about 36 kg. Body elongated, golden with a mixture of shining silvery spots covered with large cycloid scales.

Mouth is somewhat small, lips are thick and fleshy. Two pairs of short barbels are present. The fish species are localised to the rivers Kongsha, Someswari, Mogra and Chitli in Netrokona district; Boyali, Ruimara, Surma in Sylhet district; Mohananda in Dinajpur district; rarely found in the rivers of Karnafuli, Sangu and Matamuhuri in Chittagong district.

The fish migrates towards floodwaters at the beginning of rains and towards downstream when rain ceases. It starts breeding during August-September and continues up to December. [Md Golam Mustafa]