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Meer Muhammad Masum

Meer Muhammad Masum (17th century) historian and poet in the court of Emperor shahjahan. However, he took up service under Shah Shuja and fought many battles against Dara and Aurangzeb. When Shah Shuja fled North India, Muhammad Masum accompanied him to Bengal.

While in Maldah in 1660, Muhammad Masum recorded the battles he had fought under Shah Shuja in a book called Tarikh-e-Shah Shujai. A manuscript of this book, written in Persian, has been preserved in the Dhaka University Library.'

Tarikh-e-Shah Shujai also includes some of Muhammad Masum's Persian poems. Seven of his Persian poems are included in the book called Sham-e-Anjuman, written by Nawab Siddique Hassan. [Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah]