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Mehogani a large bushy deciduous tree, Swietenia mahagoni of the family Meliaceae, reaching up to 50 m in height and with a stem that may attain over 2 m in diameter. Mehogani is one of the best and most suitable tree species for plantation forestry because of its fast growing characteristics. It has been commonly and extensively planted as 'Plantation Forest' as well as 'Homestead Forest' all over the country. This is also a very good roadside avenue plant. Wood is reddish-brown, hard, extremely strong, and takes very fine polish.

Mahogani trees produce high quality timber. In Bangladesh it is largely used in making furniture, shipbuilding, boat construction, flooring, and for works where a high quality hard wood is needed. It is also used for musical instruments, millworks, baskets, foundry patterns, veneers, and plywood. [Md Mahfuzur Rahman]