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Molla, Ahsan Ullah

Molla, Ahsan Ullah (1876-1939) zamindar, politician and social worker. He was born in 1876 at village Jat Amrul in Atrai thana of Naogaon district. His father was Haji Aman Ullah Molla and mother Firman Nesa. Ahsan Ullah inherited the zamindari estate of his maternal grandfather. Besides, he was influential and reputed as a business magnet. He had business establishments at twenty two places in undivided Bengal and Assam dealing in jute and salt. He earned fame as a donar for his contribution towards philanthropic works like building of mosques and madrasas, excavation of ponds, financial help to the poor and destitutes.

Ahsan Ullah Molla was a member of the Legislative Council in undivided Bengal. As a political activist he came in contact with the political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sher-e-Bangla ak fazlul huq, huseyn shaheed suhrawardy and Sarat Bose.

Ahsan Ullah Molla died in 1939. In his memory and after his name was established the Ahsan Ullah Memorial High School in Atrai. The Atrai Railway Station was renamed after him as Ahsanganj Railway Station. [Mazharul Islam Taru]