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Narayanganj City Corporation

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Narayanganj City Corporation Nayaranganj Pourashova (Municipality) was upgraded to City Corporation on 5 May 2011. It was formed comprising Narayanganj Town, Siddhirganj Municipal area and Kadamrasul Municipality. It consists of 27 wards including 9 reserve seats for women.

After dissolving the Siddhirganj Municipality its 9 wards (1 to 9) have been declared as wards 1 to 9 of Narayanganj City Corporation. Ward number 1 consists of Mijmiji Batan Para, eastern part of Painadi of Siddhirganj. Ward numbers 1 to 3 have been recorded as the reserved seats for women. Having dissolved Narayanganj Municipality its 9 wards have been turned into word number 10 to 18 of Narayanganj City Corporation of which word numbers 4 to 6 have been marked as reserved seats for women. After dissolving Kadam Rasul Municipality of Bandar upazila its 9 wards have been recorded turned into ward numbers 19 to 27 of which ward numbers 7 to 9 have been declared as reserved seats for women.

Narayanganj City Corporation at a glance
Municipality formed 8 September 1876
Upgraded to City Corporation 5 May 2011
First elected Mayor Salina Hayat Ivy
Population 5,40,000
Number of Wards 27
Ward Commissioner 27
Women Ward Commissioner 9
Road 105.89 km

[Tapan Palit]

References Bangladesh Population Census 2001, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics; Field report of Narayanganj City Corporation.