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Sarkar, Saralabala

Sarkar, Saralabala (1875-1961) writer and nationalist, was born on 10 December 1875 at Katalpota in nadia. Her paternal home was at Bhar Ramdia in faridpur. She received education at home. At the age of twelve she married Sarat Chandra Sarkar, who died when she was twenty-three. She devoted the rest of her life to literary activities. Though not directly involved in politics, she gave shelter to many revolutionary activists. She was a member of the Women Satyagraha Samity. She became the first Indian woman to be appointed as the girish chandra ghosh Lecturer at Calcutta University (1953).

Saralabala was probably inspired by her grandmother, shreemati rassundari, in her literary pursuits. Her poems, short stories, and essays were published regularly in Sahitya Pradip, Utsaha, Jahnabi, Udbodhan, Antahpur, Suprabhat, prabasi, Bharatbarsa, etc. Her books include Prabaha (Poems, 1904), Arghya (Poems, 1938), Swami Vivekananda O Sriramakrishva Sangha (1957), Chitrapat (Short stories, 1917), Galpa Sangraha (Short stories, 1957), Pinkur Diary (Children's literature, 1961), Harano Atit (Memoirs, 1953), Manusyatver Sadhana (Essays, 1953), Sahitya Jijvasa (Essays, 1953). Saralabala died on 1 December 1961. [Badiuzzaman]