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Shah Syed Ahmad Kallashahid

Shah Syed Ahmad Kallashahid (13th-14th century) sufi, soldier and preacher of islam, is known as Shah Pir Kallashahid (kalla, head, + shahid, martyr) because he was killed and decapitated. He is also known as Shahpir Gesudaraz (gesu, hair, + daraz, long) because of his long hair. Shah Syed Ahmad accompanied Hazrat shah jalal (R) during his expedition to sylhet. He was killed by his enemies while preaching Islam in the comilla and noakhali areas adjoining Sylhet. His severed head was said to have been found in the river Titas. Shah Syed Ahmad Kallashahid's followers buried his head at Kharampur near akhaura. The Sultan of Bengal donated rent-free land for the maintenance of his shrine. The shrine is now flanked by a mosque, musafirkhana or guesthouse, and a madrasah. There is a permanent committee to take care of this Dargah. Khadem family of Khadampur village has been taking responsibilities of the maintenance of the Dargah from generation to generation. His hermitage is still extant near a pond beside the Sharsadi Rail Station in Noakhali. His urs is observed every year from 27 Shravan to 1 Bhadra, that is, approximately mid-August. [Dewan Nurul Anwar Hussain Choudhury]