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Shitlai Zamindari

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Shitlai Zamindari situated at about 8km to the east of Saratnagar rail station in Sirajganj District. The title 'Maitrya' attached with the name of the zamindars of Shitlai as their family title since eighteenth century. During the time of Rani Bhabani of Natore, Chandiproshad Motryo earned vast devottar or tax free land properties in this area. His son Jagannath Motryo was an educated fellow. He left two sons and one daughter named Loknath, Ishwarchandra and Kamalmoni.'

Loknath Motryo, son of Jagannat Motryo, went to Natore and then Rampur-Boalia of Rajshahi for his education. He engaged himself with business and owned enormous wealth by giving the zamindari charge under his younger brother Ishwarchandra. Loknath Motryo established Loknath School in Rajshahi and built Tahirpur-Bilmoy road named Loknath Danra' in 1849. He was conferred upon the title of Rai-Bahadur from the British Government. His wife Durgasundari adopted Chandranath Motryo as her son in 1854 after his death. Gyanodasundari, wife of Chandranath Motryo also adopted Surendranath Motryo as her son in 1885. Later Jogendranath Motryo had possession of the estate of Shitlai Zamindars.

Jogendranath Motryo left Shitlai and established himself in Pabna district. He built a palace at Pabna city named 'Shitlai House' in nineteenth century. It is a two storied palace which is now well conserved. The palace has thirty rooms and it embodies both Indo-European and sub-continental traditions of architecture. Shitlai Zamindari came to an end by the implementation of east bengal state acquisition and tenancy act in 1950. [Kazi Mustafizur Rahman]