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Sylhet Government Aliya Madrasah

Sylhet Government Aliya Madrasah was a small private madrasah initially, named Anjuman-e-Islamia located at Noiyurpul in Sylhet town. Khan Bahadur Abdul Mazid, the then Education Minister of Assam Government took steps for developing the madrasah. In 1913, the government reestablished a Senior Madrasah in the city of Sylhet. It turned into New Scheme High Madrasah under the Dhaka Secondary Education Board in 1933. Later on, it was identified as 'Sylhet Aliya Madrasah'. In 1935, Sylhet Aliya Madrasah was granted Kamil Hadith at the initiative of Abu Nasar Wahid. So, it was the first Kamil Madrasah of the country. The area of madrasah is covered 9 acres of land. It has 3 academic buildings, one student dormitory, a historic playground, and a rich library with the collection 11,000 books. At present, the total teacher of the madrasah is numbering 18.

The students got admission from Dakhil (Class IX). Science is taught only in the class of Dakhil and Alim. The students of Class IX to Kamil is numbering 650, among them 278 is in the Hadith Department. [ABM Saiful Islam Sidiqqi]