Adhikari, Saroz Kumar Nath

Adhikari, Saroz Kumar Nath (1938-1971) educationist, martyr intellectual. He was born on 1 January 1938 at village Mulpara in Palash thana of Narsingdi district. His father was Mohan Nath Adhikari. Saroj Kumar passed matriculation examination in 1953, ICom in 1957 and obtained his BCom degree in 1960 from Jagannath College, Dhaka. He got his MA degree in Economics in 1963 and MCom in Accounting in 1970 from Dhaka University.

Saroj Kumar Nath joined as a teacher in Gayeshpur School just after passing the ICom examination. On completion of his MA degree in 1963 he joined Bajitpur College as a Lecturer in Economics, and the year following he was appointed as Lecturer in Economics in Narsingdi College. Saroj Kumar Nath was associated with progressive communist movement. He was active in Bangali nationalist movement in the 1960s.

During the War of Liberation in 1971, a group of Pak soldiers entered the Narsingdi College on 28 August and carried some teachers and employees including Saroj Kumar Nath to the army camp at Narsingdi Telephone Exchange Building. Later they were killed at dead of night at a spot near the iron bridge of Panchdona.

Saroj Kumar Nath wrote a book tilted Prasnottare Banijyik Ayn. He was associated with sports and cultural activities in Narsingdi. [ATM Zayed Hossain]