Adya Parichay

Adya Parichay a poem on Yoga, written by Sheikh Zahed of Maldah. The poem shows influences of Muslim sufism, Hindu tantricism, and Nath yoga. The time of its composition as given in the poem is 1420 Shakabda or 1498 AD. The poem consists of eight parts: Sristitattva, Janmatattva, Janmaksan Bichar, Garbher Bichar, Dasaratna Bichar, Dashadvar Bichar, Dehatattva Bichar and Auti Bichar. These sections discuss the mystery of creation, human life and theories of physiology as well as the ways of becoming successful through Asan-Pranayam. The poem stresses that all matter, including God, is contained within the human body. It mentions several ragas and raginis, suggesting that it was meant to be sung. [Wakil Ahmed]