Ahmed, Justice Amiruddin

Ahmed, Justice Amiruddin jurist, acting governor of East Bengal. He was appointed Acting Governor of East Bengal and took oath of office on 14 June 1955. Justice Ahmed continued to discharge his responsibility as acting governor till 9 March 1956 when he was appointed a judge of the Federal Court of Pakistan.

Born in West Bengal on 22 December 1895, Justice Ahmed joined the government service on 1 April 1942 as Deputy Legal Remembrancer of Bengal. He was elevated to additional judge of the Calcutta High Court on 6 January 1947. After partition, he opted for East Bengal and was appointed judge of the Dhaka High Court with effect from 15 August 1947. He was appointed as member of the Pindi Conspiracy Tribunal (stationed at Hydrabad, Sind) on 15 May 1951 and chairman of the Boundary Commission (Lahore) on 10 November 1953. He became Chief Justice of Dhaka High Court on 22 September 1954.

Apart from Bengali and English Justice Amiruddin Ahmed was well versed in Arabic and Persian languages. He was a reputed scholar in Islamic History and Culture. [Abu Jafar]