Ahmed, Khan Bahadur Taslimuddin

Ahmed, Khan Bahadur Taslimuddin (1852-1927) Islamic scholar, lawyer and writer was born on 30 April 1852 in Darjeeling. He belonged to a reputed tea family of dinajpur whose ancestral home was at Chandanbari, panchagarh. Taslimuddin studied at Rangpur and passed the Entrance Examination from Rangpur Zilla School. He then went to Kolkata, completing his BA from Presidency College in 1877 and Bachelor of Law from Calcutta University in 1882. At first he practised law in places such as Purnia, Darjeeling, and Jalpaiguri. In 1899, he finally settled in Rangpur, gradually becoming a prominent lawyer there. Along with his legal practice, he devoted himself to writing books on islam. He also published a monthly journal, Islam. Among his books are Tabarakallaji Surar Babganubad (Translations of Sura Tabarakallaji, 1907), Priya Paygambarer Priya Katha (Translations from the Hadith, 1922), The Quran, vols 1, 2 and 3 (An annotated translation, published in 1922, 1924, 1925), Janmotsab (Birth celebrations, 1925), Sahabira (Lives of the followers of the Prophet (S), 1926), Samrat Paigambar (Emperor Prophet 1928), etc.

In 1912, he was awarded the title of 'Khan Bahadur'. Taslimuddin Ahmed died on 24 March 1927. [Badiuzzaman]