Alauddin Firuz Shah

Alauddin Firuz Shah (1414-1415) son and successor of Sultan shihabuddin bayazid shah. Alauddin Firuz Shah was a sultan only in name, the effective powers being wielded by Raja Ganesh. Ganesh dethroned him after he had ruled for a few months only.

Coins of Firuz Shah, issued in 817 AH / 1414 -1415 AD from Muazzamabad (East Bengal) and satgaon (South Bengal), have been found, but no coins issued from Firuzabad (pandua, the capital) have so far been found. After Ganesh usurped the throne he might have fled from the capital and tried to establish his authority over southern and eastern Bengal. But soon Ganesh defeated and killed him and thus the rule of the early Ilyas Shahi dynasty came to an end. [MA Taher]