Ali, Abul M’a Ali Muhammad Hamid

Ali, Abul M'a Ali Muhammad Hamid (1865-1953) poet, was born in Rauzan, chittagong. After completing his madrasa studies, he started teaching. He was proficient in Bangla, english, arabic, and persian. He was inspired by his reading of michael madhusudan dutt to write epics in Bangla. His notable books are Bhratrvilap (1903), Kasembadh-kabya or Sahadate Imam Kasem (1904), Jainaloddhar-kabya (1907), Kabitakunja (1908), Sohrabbadh-kabya, Parasya Bir etc. He also wrote a textbook on Persian, entitled Student's Handbook of Persian Language. His two epics, Kasembadh and Jainaloddhar, are based on the tragic history of Karbala. He hoped to inspire Muslim graduates by his example to write and publish books. He was also influenced by puthi literature. [Badiuzzaman]