Ali, Muhammad Hamid

Ali, Muhammad Hamid member of Indian Civil Service, acting Governor of East Pakistan. He was born on 4 September 1906 in Lukhnow district of Uttar Pradesh in India. Hamid Ali joined the Indian Civil Service on 13 October 1931. He served in different subdivisions and districts in various capacities and later became deputy transport commissioner and deputy secretary. He was made joint secretary in the office of the Prime Minister on 28 January 1946 and was promoted to the rank of additional secretary on 14 November 1946. After the partition of India, Hamid Ali became the secretary of the Department of Finance and Revenue of the Government of East Bengal (15 August 1947). He was later elevated to the post of chief secretary of the government.

Hamid Ali was appointed acting governor of East Pakistan on 1 April 1958. He continued to work as acting governor till 3 May 1958 and returned back to the post of chief secretary following the appointment of a new governor. [Abu Jafar]