Ali, Shaikh Osman

Ali, Shaikh Osman (1872-1952) poet and government servant, was born in Midnapur, west bengal. He received his BA degree (1894) from presidency college, Kolkata and the BL degree (1896) from City College. He then joined the government and subsequently became Munsiff and Sub-Judge.

Shaikh Osman Ali wrote in Bangla when the language did not enjoy high esteem among aristocratic Muslim society. Four of his books are known: Hafez Saheb (Novel, 1900), Devala (narrative poetry, 1901), Alok Sabha (lyric poetry, 1904) and Lalchand (dramatic poetry, 1912). Devala, based on the love affair between Khijir Khan and Deval Rani, is regarded as his masterpiece. He also wrote essays and poems on social and political issues in different journals. He was Secretary of the Moslem Literary Society of Midnapur. [Wakil Ahmed]