Ali Raza

Ali Raza (18th century) An ascetic poet. He was born in the village of Oshkhain in chittagong his homestead and dargah (shrine) are still there. He was a disciple of Shah Kiyamuddin. Ali Raza came to be known as Kanu Fakir for his accomplishment in the exercise of Sufism. He also had a number of disciples, of whom the most noted was muhammad mukim, who wrote Mrgabati on the instruction of Ali Raza.

Ali Raza composed verses based on Sufi philosophy. His writings, which are a blend of Sufism and Hinduism, include Siraj Kulub, Jnansagar (The Sea of Knowledge), Agam (The Advent), Dhyanmala (The Necklace of Meditation), Yogakalandar and Satchakrabhed (Solution to the Six Circles). Ali Raza made the complex Sufi philosophy simple with his poetical genius.

Ali Raza was also a noted musician. His mystic songs are contained in Dhyanmala. The Muslim Kabir Padasahitya (Verses by Muslim Poets, 1961), edited by ahmed sharif, has 32 songs composed by Ali Raza. Each song has the name of the raga at the beginning. The songs are inspired by sufism but also use symbols drawn from the story of radha and krishna. Some of the songs praise a goddess named Kalika. [Wakil Ahmed]