Amin Khan

Amin Khan governor of lakhnauti from 1272 to 1274 AD. A chief Amir of Delhi during the time of Sultan ghiyasuddin balban, he was appointed the governor of Oudh. Usually a governor of Oudh used to take over the charge of Lakhnauti in the event of a vacancy there. Following the tradition Amin Khan was given the charge of Lakhnauti in 1272 on the death of Sher Khan. Though no details are available about his activities at Lakhnauti, this much is known that Balban, observing his rebellious character, appointed Tughral as his deputy.

Balban entrusted more power to the deputy governor. As a result, Tughral steadily amassed power and soon became the virtual ruler of the province. In the consequent conflict, according to Ziauddin Barani, Tughral gained success, seized the person of Amin Khan and killed him (1274). [ABM Shamsuddin Ahmed]