Antiquities of Dacca

Antiquities of Dacca by d’oyly, charles is important as a source book for the history of Dacca (Dhaka). Actually it is a book of painting folios, but it also contains a brief account of the history of Dhaka. Antiquities of Dacca is by mistake referred to by many as a book.

D'Oyley was the collector of Dhaka between 1808 and 1811. During his stay in Dhaka he prepared quite a few drawings and decided to publish them in the form of folios. In one sense Antiquities is the result of the labour of four persons; original drawings by D'Oyley, the narration on Dhaka prepared by Atkinson and Vignette Chinery, and engravings by Landsier.

The first of the folios was published in 1814. The others followed in 1817, 1826 and 1827. Though it was announced in the prospectus that six folios would be published, so far only four have been found. In all probability the last two were never published.

The folios published are as follows:

First Folio: Mosque on the Booraganga Branch of the Ganges; Part of the City of Dacca; The mosque of Syuff Khan; Remain of a bridge near Tantee Bazar. An introductory narration has been added to each.

Second Folio: starts with some account of the city of Dacca. Four drawings follow the account - Small Kuttra; Pugla Pool; The Fort and the North Gateway; Bastion of Lalbagh.

Third Folio: The narration starts on page 7 and ends on page 13. Engravings that follow are Pugla Pool from the river; modern habitations drawn by Chinery; ruins of Tungy Bridge; facsimile of an inscription in the Great Kuttra; Mosque in the suburbs of Dacca.

Fourth Folio: The Great Kuttra, followed by narration from page 15 to page 20. Then onwards - part of Dacca from the Doullay Nulla; mosque on the Mug-Bazar; a muslin manufacturer drawn by Chinery; the Chouk. [Muntassir Mamoon]