Azad, Nawab Syed Muhammad

Azad, Nawab Syed Muhammad (1850-1916) Urdu writer and playwright, was born in dhaka, son of Syed Asaduddin Haider. His father-in-law was Nawab abdool luteef and Sher-e-Bangla ak fazlul huq was his son-in-law.

A high ranking government officer, Syed Muhammad wrote articles in the weekly durbeen of Kolkata and later, on contemporary social and political issues, in various journals including Awadh Akhbar, Awadh Panch, Agra Akhbar, Akmalul Akhbar, etc. These writings, compiled and edited by Abdul Gafur Shahbaz, were published under the title Khiyalat-e-Azad.

Mohammad Azad wrote two urdu plays: Nawabi Darbar and Nawabi Khel. Wit and humour play an important role in his plays and articles. He also wrote an autobiography: Maulana Azad. [Kaniz-e-Butool]