Balka Khalji, Ikhtiyaruddin

Balka Khalji, Ikhtiyaruddin (1230-1231) governor of Bengal under Delhi Sultan iltutmish, was a partisan of Ghiyasuddin iwaz khalji. He issued coins in 627 AH (1230 AD) in the joint names of himself and Sultan Iltutmish. Possibly, by inscribing the name of Sultan Iltutmish, Balka Khalji tried to placate the Delhi Sultan.

Balka ruled Bengal as an independent sovereign for about eighteen months. It is astonishing that during this period, Iltutmish took no notice of the affairs of Bengal. He, however, led an expedition against Balka Khalji in the year 1231. Balka fought against the Delhi army bravely and for a time eluded capture. Eventually he was made a captive and killed. With the fall of Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Balka Khalji, the rule of the Khaljis in Bengal came to an end and there began the rule of the Turks of non-Khalji origin. [ABM Shamsuddin Ahmed]