Bangabibudhajanani Sabha

Bangabibudhajanani Sabha an educational council set up in 1886 by scholars of Nabadwip to formalise the study of sanskrit. Initially, it was named Sanskrit Bidyabibardhani Bidagdhajanani Sabha. Indrachandra Singh, zamindar of Paikpara, and Mahendranath Bhattacharya, zamindar of Nabadwip, were president and secretary respectively. In 1897 the name was changed to Bangabibudhajanani Sabha, and Maharaj Kshitishchandra Roy, zamindar of nadia, and Pandit Sarveshwar Sarvabhauma were elected president and secretary. In 1906 Sir asutosh mookerjee was elected president.

The main objective of the council was to spread the caste system and Sanskrit education. It prescribed a set syllabus for Sanskrit and initiated the system of annual examinations. Successful students were awarded the title of 'Ratna'. Other activities of the council included preservation of rare books and puthis and promoting research in various Shastras. Though the council still exists, its activities have dwindled. [Shubhendu Kumar Siddhanta]