Bangla Academy Patrika

Bangla Academy Patrika A research journal published by the bangla academy. The first issue of the journal was published in January 1959 (Paus, 1363 BS) and was the first publication of the Academy. From Vol I: 1 to Vol. XI: 4, the first word of its title was spelled 'বাঙলা' (Bangla); from Vol. XII: 1 the spelling was changed to 'বাংলা' (Bangla).

The first two issues were edited by the editorial board; individual editors were appointed from the third issue. Initially, Mohammad Idris Ali, who was Director Publications, acted as editor. Since Vol. V: 3, the Director of the Academy (later the Director-General) has been working as ex officio editor. The journal continues to be published fairly regularly.

Initially the journal was published thrice a year; since Vol. V, it is being published quarterly. From Vol. XVII: 1, for the next six years, the name of the journal was changed to Bangla Academy Gabesana Patrika. From Vol. XXIII the word 'gabesana' was omitted. The journal publishes research articles on bangla language, literature, and culture. One of the main objectives of the journal has been to recover the history of Muslim literature and the writings of medieval authors; but from time to time, many other diverse and modern subjects have been included as well. [Bashir Al Helal]