Bangladesh Buddhist Federation

Bangladesh Buddhist Federation a Buddhist organisation founded in 1981 for promoting religious, social and cultural activities. It was formerly known as Dhaka International Buddhist Monastery Construction Committee and consisted of 25 members. SK Chowdhury and Bishwapati Barua served the Committee as president and general secretary, respectively. It was renamed Bangladesh Buddhist Federation in 1984. Established with the assistance of top-ranking Buddhist professionals in Bangladesh, the Federation is playing an important role in preserving the interests of Buddhists. Under its initiative, dhaka international buddhist monastery was founded at Merul Badda, dhaka, in 1981.

The programmes of the Federation include propagating the Buddha's teachings of non-violence, friendship, equality and sympathy, as well as preserving the religious, social and cultural heritage of the Buddhist community in Bangladesh. The Federation also takes part in different socio-economic and social welfare activities. It holds religious classes for children and women and also has arrangements for adult and technical education. It publishes an annual named Dipankar formerly known as Smaranika. The National Buddhist Youth Federation is part of the Bangladesh' Buddhist Federation. [Sukomal Barua]