Bangladesh Development Bank Limited

Bangladesh Development Bank Limited a state-owned commercial Bank, has unveiled its appearence in the banking arena through amalgamation of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) and Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha (BSRS), with the decision of the Government of the Bangladesh. It has duly been registered with the Registrar of joint Stock Companies and Firms. The Registrar of joint Stock Companies and Firms issued Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate and Bangladesh Bank issued licence and permission as well for commencement of BDBL business' in November, 2009. The Vendors' Agreement (relating to taking over of assets and liabilities of BSB and BSRS) was signed on 31-12-2009 between the Government and the Board of Directors of BDBL nominated by the Government. The BDBL has formally embarked on 3 January, 2010 with new vision, mission and values. The Bank will operate Development Banking activities and all types of domestic and international Commercial Banking activities under the rules and regulations of Banking Companies Act, 1991. Authorised Capital of BDBL is BDT 10.00 billion and paid up capital is BDT 4.00 billion, which is fully subscribed by the Government of Bangladesh.

As a merger of Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha (BSRS) and Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) the BDBL is committed to emerge as the country's prime Financial Institution for supporting private sector industrial and other projects of great significance to the country's economic development and also be an active participant in commercial banking by introducing new lines of product and providing excellent services to the customers. Bangladesh Development Bank Limited, will act a development financial institution, to provide financial and technical assistance to private and public sector industries, and partnership and proprietorship concerns. It will offer long and medium term loans; working capital loans to industrial units; equity support services; and commercial banking services, such as deposit mobilisation, forex business, letter of credit handling, and forex remittances, as well as issues guarantees on behalf of borrowers for repayment of loans. The company also provides industrial credit programmes, equity entrepreneurship fund programmes, share-trading services, incentive programmes for loan recovery, rehabilitation programmes, and deposit mobilisation programmes for lending and investment.

Table Basic facts and economic indicators (In Million Taka).

Indicators Year (As on 31-05-2010)
Authorised capital 10000
Paid up capital 4000
Reserved Fund 2457
(a) Call Deposits -
(b) Term Deposits 715
(c) Total Deposits 1523
Loans and Advance 10196
Investment 2363
Total Asset 16735
Total income 235
Total Expenditure 223
Foreign Currency Trading
(a) Export -
(b) Import -
(c) Remittance -
Total Manpower: 781
(a) Officers 515
(b) Staff 266
Correspondents Banks
Total Branches (in numbers) 17
(a) Domestic 17
(b) Overseas -
Agriculture Credit:
(a) Loan Disbursed -
(b) Realised -
Industrial Credit:
(a) Loan Disbursed 97
(b) Realsied 411
Loan Outstanding by Sector
(a) Agriculture and -
(b) Fisheries
(c) Industry 10212
(d) Trade and Commerce -
(e) Poverty Reduction 60942

Source BDBL Management, June , 2010.

BDBL's strategic priorities have been set up to (a) Invest in Eco ' friendly industries that help mitigate environmental degradation by lending more for renewable energy, and effluent treatment plants and other projects that employ energy efficient low-emission technologies including agro-based industries, small power projects, ICT, transport and infrastructure projects (b) Select and invest industrial projects where locational advantages like local availability of raw materials, good infrastructural facilities (road communication, transport facilities, etc.) and utilities (power, gas, water, etc.) shall be available (c) Limit project loan to Tk. 15 crore maximum and Tk. 2 crore minimum (for large projects). Arrange and participate in syndicated loan for projects above Tk. 15 crore. (d) Identify prospective and potential entrepreneurs and investors / clients and motivate, guide and help them select profitable industrial venture for investment. To this end BDBL has formulated a Five-Year Business / Strategic Plan (2010-2014) aiming to give an impetus to the economic and social activities of the country. BDBL's priority areas of investment are include -Term Loan, Mid Term and Short Term Financing, SME Financing, Foreign Exchange Business, Capital Market Operation. [Muhammad Abdul Mazid]