Bangladesh Itihas Parisad

Bangladesh Itihas Parisad is an organisation of historians of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1966 (1373 BS), and as such it is the first history association in Bangladesh. It is basically the brainchild of Prof. abm habibullah, who with active support of some of his colleagues and students as well as scholars of different disciplines gave it a formal organisational shape.

The organisation was formed with the objective of making the study of history popular in Bangla language. To realise this aim, the Itihas Parisad has been regularly publishing its research journal, Itihas, holding biennial conferences at different venues outside Dhaka, organising seminars and discussion meetings, and giving recognition and honour to the best works of history published in Bangla. The organisation is run by an executive committee of 27 members elected for two years from among its members numbering about 1200. Any graduate interested in the pursuance of historical research is eligible to become its member. [Md. Akhtaruzzaman]