Bangladesh National Geographical Association

Bangladesh National Geographical Association (BNGA) a national organisation of professional geographers founded in 1973. The main aims and objectives of the association are to raise and stimulate awareness of geography and environment matters in schools, colleges, universities and public at large. Among the activities of the BNGA are to publish a biannual research journal, Journal of Bangladesh Geographical Association and to organise national level geographical conferences after every two years. It also publishes various research reports occasionally. The association supports research and education and encourages activities that expand geographical knowledge in the country and apply geographical knowledge to national economic development. In this connection, Bangladesh National Geographical Association takes up various programmes on research, discussion, conferences, display, observation and publication.

The association has its own library which has a number of national and international research journals, articles and important geography books. Members' subscription and sale of the journals is the main source of fund of BNGA. Currently the association has a membership of more than 600. [Mesbah-us-Saleheen]