Bangladesh National Rose Society

Bangladesh National Rose Society (BNRS) a non-political and non-profit organisation, established in 1982 in Dhaka, to encourage and popularize cultivation and promotion of roses in the country. The society is affiliated to the Royal National Rose Society of England (RNRS). The Bangladesh National Rose Society has been organising an annual rose show or rose festival since 1983. After the show, the cut roses are auctioned and the sale proceeds are donated to the Bangladesh National Society for the Blind. Besides, the society also organises seminars and technical lectures on different aspects of rose cultivation. Bulletins and souvenirs are also published by the Society.

The impact of the activities of BNRS is overwhelming. Previously there were no florists in the country. Now there are many in all the major cities. The society now has about 325 regular members and an executive committee for its management with a president, a secretary and a few members. [Mahbubar Rahman Khan]