Bangladesh Naval Academy

Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA) the premier institution of Bangladesh Navy for education and basic training of the young cadets emerging as naval officer. It was established temporarily in the premises of Bangladesh Marine Academy at Jaldia in Chittagong in 1976 with only 14 cadets. In 1977, the Naval Academy was shifted to BNS Isa Khan, the main naval base at Chittagong. The Academy was officially commissioned on 2 June 1988 and started functioning independently in the picturesque site of Patenga just at the river mouth of Karnaphuli. Inspired by its motto 'Fight in the way of Allah' Bangladesh Naval Academy has been making commendable contributions in the national life of Bangladesh by training its own and overseas naval officers during the last 3 decades. In July 1998, the first batch of overseas cadets joined Bangladesh Naval Academy. Till 2009, in all 36 foreign cadets from friendly countries like Palestine, Maldives and Qatar got commission from this Academy. BNA is the pioneer institution in inducting female cadets in the armed forces. In January 2000, the first batch of 16 female cadets joined BNA for cadet training. So far, 54 female officers have been commissioned from this academy.

BNA provides the basic training to the officer cadets (with HSC degree) and direct entry officers (DEO) (with Masters/Bachelors degree) imbuing them with the highest themes of patriotism, integrity, leadership traits and personal character. The objective of the BNA training is to instill into the newly joined young cadets and DEOs with the necessary moral and intellectual values, prepare them physically and academically in order to transform them into successful naval officers. BNA training for the cadets is divided into 3 terms of 6 months each. On completion of their training at BNA the cadets are sent to training ship as midshipman for six months of sea training. Thereafter, they get commission as a naval officers after 2 years of rigorous training, and are also awarded BSc (Pass) degree under Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). The BNA was first affiliated with the University of Chittagong in 1983, then with the National University in 1995 and finally with the BUP in 2008 for awarding BSc degree. Officers of Engineering and Electrical Engineering branches pursue further studies under Engineering Universities/Military Institute of Science and Technology.

BNA also conducts Junior Staff Course, Branch Rank Common Course and Computer Course for the naval officers. The Junior Staff Course is conducted for the officers of the rank of Lt/Lt Commander for a duration of 12 weeks. The aim of the course is to develop professional knowledge and staff skill of junior officers in order to prepare them for staff, instructional and command appointments and further staff training. Officers of Army and Air Force and foreign officers from UK, Pakistan, India, Srilanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc also participate in the Junior Staff Course. In recognition of outstanding achievements over the past decades, BNA has been awarded with the National Standard on 28 Dec 2003 by the Prime Minister. Today BNA is recognized as a fine naval institution with national and international stature, and is proudly upholding the image of Bangladesh Navy. [Farid Habib]