Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism was formed in November 1972 and started its activities in 1973. It has the dual responsibility of development related to tourist infrastructure and products and promotional activities to project the tourist products both inside and outside the country for a positive image of the country. BPC is run by a Chairperson and three times Directors.

Since its inception BPC has renovated the then existing tourist facilities and created new facilities at important tourist spots. The tourist facilities created so for include hotels, motels, youth inns, restaurants, duty free shops, land and water transports at different tourist spots.

Following the privatisation policy of the government several commercial units of BPC have been handed over for the private sector under lease management agreement. Besides, BPC offers city sightseeing tours, packages tours and excursion trips. Moreover, city sightseeing tours for transit passenger at the international airports and river cruise packages are organised for the guests in Dhaka. BPC has taken venture of human resource development for the industry. The National Hotel Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI) was established in 1974 in Dhaka. Most of these trainees have been provided in home and abroad, as tourism became one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world. Contribution of tourism in the GDP and socio-economic benefit is undeniable. Research show that job opportunities in tourism sector is growing 1.5 times faster than that of other industrial sector. A one out of eight workers of this world depends directly on tourism.

Planned marketing campaign plays a vital role in the promotion of tourism products. In view of this BPC has given due importance on publication of promotional booklets, posters, brochures maps etc, on tourist attraction of the country and these are distributed through Bangladesh missions, and on board Biman's international flights and four operator at home and abroad. As a part of marketing promotion program BPC has produced some video documentary films. These are projected through Bangladesh mission and Biman Offices abroad. Moreover, BPC regularly participates in major international tourism exhibitions.

BPC is also campaigns to nominate cox's bazaar and the sundarbans in the final list of new Seven Natural Wonders of the world. For rapid development of the tourism sector, government announced a national tourism policy in 1992 and under this policy a National Tourism Council has been formed the Government has declared tourism as 'thrust sector' in the industrial policy. To make a comprehensive growth and to encourage the private investment in this sector, Bangladesh Parjation Protected Area and Exclusive Tourist Zone Act has already formed been enacted.

It is expected that with the implementation of this projects Bangladesh is fast emerging as an alluring tourist spot on the global map. [Mofazzal Hossain]