Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society an organisation of the registered pharmacists of the country, established in 1972 with the primary objectives of advancing the profession of pharmacy in Bangladesh and making the role of pharmacists effective and meaningful in formulating and implementing the National Health Programme. The headquarters of the society is located in Dhaka.

Following are some of the important objectives mentioned in the constitution of the society: (a) to work for the general advancement of Pharmacy including its application to practical problems; (b) to promote and encourage research in different branches of Pharmacy; (c) to train persons for the profession of Pharmacy in Bangladesh who will be at par with those in advanced countries, and to devise ways and means for the attainment of this ideal; (d) to hold examinations under the society and to grant Certificates and Diplomas to properly qualified persons, and to obtain state recognition of such certificates and diplomas; (e) to advise the Government to amend the Pharmacy Act according to the needs of the country at times when necessary; (f) to organise excursions, field studies, conferences, symposia and seminars on subjects of pharmaceutical interests; (g) to edit and publish proceedings, journals, books, magazines, documents, etc for the dissemination of knowledge of Pharmacy; (h) to develop and extend international relations in the field of Pharmacy and to maintain contacts with foreign pharmaceutical organisations with similar objectives; (i) to award research fellowships and grants-in-aid, scholarships, rewards, etc to deserving persons for research work in pharmacy; and (j) to establish laboratories for the investigation and assay of drugs including indigenous drugs with a view to incorporating the useful ones in the Bangladesh Pharmacopoeia.

The society comprises four categories of members, viz ordinary members, life members, honorary members and associate members. Pharmacy graduates of any recognised national or foreign institution are eligible to be enrolled as ordinary or life members by paying the appropriate fees. Honorary members are distinguished persons who are nominated by the Executive Council of the Society for making significant contributions to any field of pharmacy. Persons who are not pharmacy graduates but are engaged in the profession of pharmacy by way of manufacture, quality control, sales and distribution, and management of drugs and medicines are eligible for associate membership.

The affairs of the society are administered by an Executive Council consisting of a president, two vice-presidents, a general secretary, two joint secretaries, a finance secretary, a social secretary, a publicity secretary, and 10 members. The society now has about 500 active members. [Abdul Ghani]