Bangladesh Philosophical Association

Bangladesh Philosophical Association was established in 1972 to undertake research in philosophical subjects and promulgate humanism. Its main inspiration was to provide a guideline for a healthy and collective life guided by ethics and moral values.

On 5 January 1972, a meeting of the members of the Pakistan Philosophical Congress who were living in dhaka was held, chaired by dewan mohammad azraf, treasurer and acting chairman of the Congress. At this meeting, a 15-member organising committee was set up and the Bangladesh Philosophical Association was born. Dewan Mohammad Azraf became president and treasurer and Syed Abdul Hai general secretary of the society.

On 28 January 1973, the first general meeting was held, and the first executive committee was set up with saidur rahman as president and Dr Abdul Jalil as general secretary. A number of resolutions were adopted at this meeting: to publish a tri-monthly magazine called Darshan (Philosophy) to realise the aims and ideals of the society; to arrange seminars and symposiums; to hold national conventions every two years. The first issue of Darshan was published in February that year.

The first national convention was held in January 1974. It was inaugurated by President Mohammed Ullah. Between 1974 and 1994, nine general conventions were held at Dhaka, Rajshahi, and Chittagong universities at which scholars from home and abroad read papers and held discussions on different aspects of philosophical studies. The proceedings were subsequently published.

The society holds occasional meetings and seminars on national and international issues at different times. [Kali Prasanna Das]