Bengal Muslim Party

Bengal Muslim Party formed early in 1926 by Sir Abdur Rahim for the purpose of contesting provincial elections due at the end of the year. He had resigned from the office of Chief Justice of Madras High Court (1920) to join the Bengal Government as a member of the Governor's Executive Council (1920-25). Aims of Bengal Muslim Party included working the 1919-Reforms, achieving a constitution for India based on a Federation of autonomous provinces, with the Federal Government's control restricted to such subjects as the Federal Services, communication, currency and external and inter-provincial relations. It also pledged, to work towards realisation of the 'democratic ideal of a government of the people, for the people' and to lead India on to the road of progress shunning the path of obscurantism. Although overtly it was a community-based party devoted to achieving social, political and economic development of the Muslim community, it disavowed communalism.

Its declared political goal was stated to be full responsible government with Dominion Status. It also emphasised the need for the retention of separate electorates in all elective bodies including legislatures for effective representation of minorities without reducing the 'Muslim majority in any province to a minority or even to an equality', with the option for replacement of separate electorates by joint electorate in the future. The party was in existence till the early 1930's. [BR Khan]