Chattopadhyay, Yogendranath

Chattopadhyay, Yogendranath (1858-1909) writer, was born in April, 1858 in Baganda village of Hughly district. He lost his father, Girishchandra Chattopadhyay, at the age of six.

Yogendranath got admitted to an English medium school of Kolkata at the age of nine while residing at the residence of his paternal uncle Prasannakumar Chattopadhyay. He passed the Entrance examination from the school of Bardhaman's Maharaja in 1875. Later, he studied up to FA class at the General Assemblies Institute.

His love for literature was demonstrated during his school-days and he kept himself engaged in literary pursuits up to his death. He enriched bangla literature by writing a number of books and brought out three popular periodicals during his lifetime. These were fortnightly Sudhakar (1877), monthly Kalpana (1889), and Abakash (1882). His notable novels Pronay Porinam (1887), Phuler Saji (1890), Koney Bou (1890), Leelamoyee (1891), Bimata (1891), Romabai (1895), Protishodh (1904), Shobhasingha (1908); true story Cha-kulir Atmakahini (1901); collection of stories Pavcha-pradip (1896), Prahasan Bhanda Dalpati Danda (1888). He died on 29 February in 1909. [Shamima Akhter]