Chaudhury, Fazlul Quader

Fazlul Quader Chaudhury

Chaudhury, Fazlul Quader (1919-1973) politician. Fazlul Quader Chaudhury was born on 26 March 1919 at village Gahira in Chittagong district. He was graduated from Calcutta Presidency College and obtained his B.L degree from Calcutta University Law College. He was elected general secretary of All India Muslim Student Federation in 1941. He was arrested under the Indian Security Act in 1942. He joined the Muslim League and was elected the secretary of Chittagong district unit of the party in 1943. Fazlul Quader Chaudhury took active part in the Pakistan Movement. He was elected president of the Chittagong district unit of Muslim League in 1948. While the president of the Chittagong district unit of Muslim League, Fazlul Quader Chaudhury contested the 1954-election as an independent candidate and was elected a member of the East Bengal Provincial Assembly. However, later he declared his allegiance to Muslim League.

Fazlul Quader Chaudhury was elected member of the Pakistan National Assembly in 1962 under the Basic Democracies system. He was a minister in Ayub Khan’s cabinet (1962) in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Works, then in charge of the Ministry of Education and Information, and later in charge of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (1963). He played an important role in floating the Convention Muslim League (1962) and was elected a member of the central committee of the party. Consequent upon a judgment of the Supreme Court in 1963 cancelling the membership of a cabinet member to the National Assembly, his post in the Assembly was vacated (May 1963).

He resigned from the cabinet on 28 October 1963. But in the bi-election he was again elected a member of the National Assembly, and was elected the Speaker of the National Assembly (29 November 1963). Fazlul Quader Chaudhury was again elected member of the National Assembly in 1965 under the Basic Democracies system. He was expelled from Muslim League (Convention) in 1966 for his activities allegedly subversive of the interest of the party. With the fall of Ayub government in 1969 the Convention Muslim League had a rift, and he was elected president of a faction of the party.

Fazlul Quader opposed the Bangali nationalist movement based on the six-point programme of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He opposed the War of Liberation of Bangladesh and collaborated with the Pak occupation army. He had active role in the formation of Rajakar force and peace committee in Chitagong. After the liberation of Bangladesh, he was arrested and confined in the Dhaka Central Jail where he died on 18 July 1973.

Fazlul Quader Chaudhury established a number of educational institutions in his own district, and pioneered various social welfare and development activities. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]